Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Prediction 1- Cricket : Ind Vs Eng Test 3

Starting with our first prediction algorithm and attributes explained, we will be trying this in India England recent series and test the accuracy of this with real time data.

Batsman Runs 

I ll be coming up with runs range for every batsman and lets see how accurate it is for this match.

My top Picks for India Vs England Test 3

Batsmen- Predicted Runs

1. K L Rahul  - 50-100
2. J Bairstov  - 65-100
3. A Cook    -45-100
4. A Rahane - 43-100

Bowlers -Predicted Wickets

1. I Sharma  -3-5 
2. J Anderson -4-6
3. B Stokes -2-5
4  J Bumrah -3-5


Looking forward to share more in this space.


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