Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Covid 19 - Tests and Results


We all are amongst a pandemic and its our biggest nightmares coming true in terms of money ,lives ,jobs , business and much more. We are in middle of the biggest crisis of 21st century and it's time to stand up , be motivated and contribute to stand form much as possible.

In india the crisis has a big hold now , with a healthy day to day increase of cases in last 15 days , we have almost everyday more then 5% increase , it implies if we have 100 cases today , we will have 105 cases , and for every 1000 cases we will have 50 new cases next day and when we have 100,000 total cases will have 5000 new cases and so on.

Right with 6k cases coming with more than 1 lakh total cases.

India % Increase in Cases for last 20 days 

We are far from over with the situation and lockdown are things of past now , we need to deal with the situation in hand , take care of the poor , try and help business revive and help to come up in the time of crisis and manager health as well.

From below chart around all states are having average spike of 5% daily , which clearly means the cases increasing in overall country are far more speedier than expected.

State wise Breakdown of increase in cases for last 15 days 

India was slow in testing the cases from the beginning because of so many restrictions and limitations, we never cared much about the healthcare anyway , considering none is ready for Pandemic in life giving it comes once in 100 years , and human life span is 60 average and moreover Government lifespan is every lesser to 5 years in India. Forget about India even the developed countries are unable to cope with the pressure and settle down.

Testing data 

If we see the testing data and the states ratio , we observe some states which have numbers small because of less testing by population. The below data is Amongst how many people 1 person is tested for virus , means if the value is 100 then it means for every 1 persons we have tested 100 people for virus.

All the states deviating from blue to Red have not done more testing hence the results have not been more positive.

Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra have done good amount of testing considering large population , but Bihar, Telangana  and parts of Uttar Pradesh and a few areas of MP in big states and North Eastern small states like Mizoram and Nagaland have not done sufficient tests, Significantly low testing and hence low positive and more chance of unknown spread.

For now the only solution to this problem is isolation , contain the spread and as they say flatten the curve , many people in the world will end up having this at some point , They are getting recovered and most of them not even knowing about the episode , All we are trying to do is reduce the workload on our healthcare workers , limited resources and limit the deaths happening.

Saving lives from Corona and hunger is the bigger challenge in front of countries like India , All we can do is help each other , resume the services and try and make people understand not only about virus but the implications and consequences the lockdowns bring with it , and STOP the panic mode.Its time to stand up whatever ways possible.

Possible Actions and Foresight using data :
All the data is taken from the following API and up to date to 15th May.
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